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I used to be really good at reading signs. Because signs are everywhere…if you’re heart is open to whatever the Divine and Universe have in store for you, and your eyes are open to seeing their messages.

What kind of signs do I mean? Well, a subtle sign might be seeing hummingbirds everywhere you go…so much so that you remark on it to yourself…especially when they stop and hover right in your path. So much so you become compelled to find out, what does a hummingbird signify, according to the beliefs out there. A lightness of being, enjoying life, independence, rising above negativity, resiliency. So it made sense that when I started my new job at the JC, I saw hummingbirds everywhere I went. I even bought a shirt with hummingbirds all over it.

Now a more overt sign happens like this… In the morning I write, again, about what to do with this blog when this 365-day journey around the sun ends. And I start getting some ideas and getting excited about them, but I’m not sure about the technical logistics. Do I change themes…is there a way to do what I’m envisioning…should I contact Customer Support? Then later in the day I get my email from Jane Friedman’s blog. What’s it about? “How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for You.” If that’s not a sign I’m on the right path, I don’t know what is.

Tonight I have some reading to catch up on. Not just that particular blog, but other articles and posts that have been building up in my email. This has always been one of my greatest challenges…keeping up with all the information and material that a writer needs to know. Often I’m too mentally exhausted from my day to enjoy this kind of reading. Or if I have any mental energy left I feel like I should actually do some writing. But reading these things is like keeping your eyes and heart open for signs. They are also the hummingbirds hovering right in front of you, if you’ll let yourself see them.