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I spent some time this morning, while writing my Morning Pages, pondering the future of this blog. I determined that I will leave all its posts where they are in the archive, but it’s look and purpose…perhaps even its name…will be revamped. To what end, I’m not sure. I didn’t get that far.

This morning, a Monday morning, I also thought about what would make me feel like I was really living the life of a writer, even though I was headed off to a day job. The most I could think of was, write! But I also focused on a realization that I had this past weekend. I’ve determined that something that’s essential to my happiness is to feel engaged with life…whether that’s learning something new, interacting with new people, walking somewhere new. I need all my senses to feel alive. I need surprise and the unknown. Now, we can’t always have new things, every day and all the time…not if we want a home, a job, relationships. But…we can sit somewhere new for lunch. We can walk a different path to the car. We can try something new for dinner. These are the little things I decided to inject into my day. Even hearing my footsteps down a different staircase made me smile.

And I worked on my book.