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I’m not going to lie…today, I’m glad that there’s less than three months until I don’t have to write a blogpost everyday. It’s hard to be accountable everyday. Of course, at the same time, I worry what will happen when I’m not writing this everyday, given how much it’s transformed my life. But I won’t think about that too much right now. I hope that when the time comes, I’m ready to hear what the Universe tells me is the next step.

Today I finally got those important names for my book pegged down…with the help of my husband. It’s been hard for me to move on without that addressed. I’m hoping I can now gain some traction this week. Tomorrow is officially summer, and I said I’d be done with this book this summer. So I shall…even if I have to give myself a deadline every time I sit down to write…”I will only spend two hours on this chapter and that’s it…when the two hours are up, time to move on.”

Yesterday I said I might talk more today about all the writerly things I did. And I never (or rarely) forget what I say. But now that today is here, I don’t much feel like revisiting yesterday. I will say this, however, about the art exhibit I saw: I have a deep respect for the librarian who organized the art workshops for the homeless in our community, whose work resulted in this art show. She was troubled by the number of homeless people she encountered in the library each day, and after talking with them, how they felt…unseen, embarrassed, judged…she knew she wanted to do something. Rather than just feeling helpless because she knew she couldn’t change their physical living conditions, she decided to tackle Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs from the top and give these people the tools for self-actualization through creative expression. She organized a 13-week art workshop at the library, including coffee, snacks, and all the art supplies, much of which was donated. Hearing from the artists, themselves, who were present last night, about how the experience helped their lives by giving them friendship, community, a way to express what they’re going through was inspirational. The evening taught me that even when we think we can’t give what we’re supposed to (in this case, shelter, food, security), what we can give, like what this librarian gave, may be exactly what is needed, or just enough to start a positive chain of events. The evening also reinforced what Julia Cameron teaches us…that creativity and self-actualization fulfill all our other needs as well.