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I think I’ve confessed this before but just in case I haven’t…I’m horrible when it comes to names. I’m not talking about meeting people and remembering their names (though I’m equally bad at that). I’m talking about choosing names for my characters. In fairness to me, when I get a good one, it’s usually really good. But it takes a lot of time and effort. For some people, it’s like breathing…not me.

You really can’t finish a novel, or even move successfully from chapter to chapter, if you haven’t named your characters. How do you even start to get to know them…? It’s like not being properly introduced. So today, in my greater plan and effort to finish this book this summer, and also to move on to the next chapter…I worked on the three names that have been stumping me. Two of them are for major characters, one is for a minor character who will appear in every book. Pressure! I can’t tell you how many times I clicked the button on the Random Names Generator. The only names that appeal to me are ones already well-known from other books and movies! So I tried to evaluate names like this…what name do I want to make famous. Time will tell…