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I’ve had the good fortune in my ventures into the mystery writing world thus far to have only met encouraging, kind, genuine people…whether they be readers, writers, or even agents. Yesterday was no different. Gigi Pandian was incredibly gracious. We met for coffee before the Sisters in Crime showcase at Orinda Books and I enjoyed talking with her about all things writing…from the nuts & bolts of first-person versus third-person points-of-view, to how long it takes to get a book published, to our favorite books. The showcase that followed was a joy as well. Twelve mystery / crime writers, including Gigi, read five-minutes excerpts from their work.


Gigi Pandian reading from Accidental Alchemist at Orinda Books

I hope from the venture I’ve made some future friends and taken a step towards finding the mystery writer in me and her work a community to grown in. But all that takes patience, time, and trust. If I want such a thing, I realize that I need to just show up and be myself. Just like if I want to create books I love, I need to show up to the page and write as myself. At least when it comes to the mystery writers’ community, I’m assured that they’re a supportive, friendly bunch. From what I experienced yesterday, I have no doubts.