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Today was the first real scorcher of the season…somewhere between 94 and 97, depending on which weather station you were looking at. Still, on my lunch break I found shade under one of our old oak trees on campus and sat myself down on a log bench to work through another scene in my novel. It’s been slower going lately than hoped for, but the important part is that it’s still going.

The application I’ve been working on to try for the next level assistant position in my new department I pleased to report was submitted on my first break of the day. Fingers crossed!

I’m also pleased to report that I made official plans this morning to go to the Sisters in Crime showcase this weekend in Orinda City. This will be in lieu of going to the American Library Associates (ALA) Conference at the end of the month, as originally planned. I recently discovered that the conference is the same weekend we’re celebrating our anniversary. Tough decisions must be made, and love for libraries lost out to love for my husband.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the evening learning more about SinC (Sisters in Crime) as they’re referred to by those in the know. Joining anything has never been my strong suit, but I’m beginning to appreciate…and more, importantly, accept…that being a lone wolf is not the best modus operandi. Being in a pack…or in this case, a sisterhood…has not only benefits but joys.