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What can I say about today…?

I worked on my resume and cover letter some more. I had a homemade cappuccino with cinnamon. I helped my husband build four sawhorses so we have something on which to sand and paint the hundreds of feet of baseboard and crown molding awaiting us. I wrote a fellow author. I cleaned the vacuum with my trusty mask on so as not to inhale the pounds of drywall dust that came out of it. I ate a hamburger and fries and it tasted like summer. I wore my first dress of the season and said hell with anyone who doesn’t like looking at my twelve-inch scar. I bought birthday cards. I had some wine and olives which always reminds me of afternoons in Provence. I sat on my favorite bench at church under the redwoods and in front of the Madonna statue and listened to the people inside the church sing while I wondered what all this is for.

Today was a little bit of everything.