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I can’t really tell you where today went, but I remember the beginning.

I started it with a cup of coffee in a favorite tin cup and worked on my novel for a bit, with a kitty curled at my legs. Then I did ten minutes of kickboxing, which is the first I’ve done since my injury. Then I went down to a favorite coffee shop, Flying Goat Coffee, where I did some more writing and then visited with a friend I haven’t seen for way too long.

I can always tell when I’m happy. Regardless where I’m at or what I’m doing, the proverbial wheels in the back of my mind start spinning and I start planning trips to my favorite faraway places, and scheming how to bring all my favorite people along. These trips never happened, but I enjoy the idea of them just the same. This morning those trips were being planned in the back of my mind.

And that’s where the beginning went…the rest, still not sure.