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I took myself over to the campus theater today to buy my season tickets to the summer repertory theater. The place was abuzz with activity…the sound of hammers and singing…people rehearsing and working on sets. Such a fun place to be, even for ten minutes! I went to the box office and got my special employee vouchers. Being the classic movie buff, literary Anglophile that I am, I have my artistic writer’s eyes set on catching their performances of Emma and South Pacific.

In the meantime, I think I’m cracking these four ten-hour days. I’m very energetic and productive the first two days…then wiped out and incapable of much else the third day…then re-energized the fourth day because my three-day weekend has arrived! Understanding this pattern may help me make the most of them.

And meanwhile again, tonight I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones...wondering if the show’s writers are writing it better than Martin would have/will…and we finished reading The Hobbit…knowing I will miss Mr. Baggins and all his friends very much.

I really love stories in all forms…theater, film, literature…other people’s, my own!