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I started the week off strong but now I’m fading. Maybe my “working-ten-hour-days-while-writing-and-remodeling” stamina will get a little better each week. All I can say is that today I don’t feel like doing a thing. I even broke down and consumed over 600 calories in chips and peppermint patties on my break.

Now I’m on a late lunch and I sure can’t complain about my setting…even if the weather has turned somewhat hurricane-like. And I know that even if I don’t feel like doing anything, this blog is non-negotiable, so I’m tackling it now.


I can’t say what tonight will bring. I’ve found that being an artist is walking the fine line between shoulds and wants…between feeling productive & excited and feeling obligated & drained. I think I’m going to forget all the shoulds for the rest of the day, and just do whatever I want. Because, I’ve also learned that sometimes when you do that, what you thought was a should is actually a want that’s just been hidden under too much pressure.

And I’m gonna have wine with that…