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A couple weekends ago I took my writerly self into the backyard for fresh air, a bottle of wine, and inspiration. Today on my lunch break, I took my writerly self to the second floor veranda, which has tables, chairs, and lovely new umbrellas. There I let the warm wind swirl around me while I wrote. And write I did! The words flowed! Perhaps it was the setting…perhaps it was the fact that I’m onto Chapter Seven and new, more interesting “word terrain.” I didn’t get as much done as I’d hope, but I liked what I did.

Tonight I must figure out why our Wi-Fi at home is not working. This doesn’t sound writerly but I tell you it is critical. Even as I was sitting outside writing for 45 minutes at lunch, I did a number of quick Google searches…what did Vikings wear?…Scandinavian name generator…what are popular archaeology journals? The biggest question…what did writers do before Google?! The Wi-Fi being down doesn’t just affect my search capabilities but all our other entertainment pursuits, as well. And artists need entertainment. But I’m not saying being without internet is all negative. Last night, instead of listening to the audiobook version of The Hobbit on YouTube, we pulled out the printed novel, found where we were, and I read aloud to my husband for two hours. Truly, the best…and I like how Bilbo sounds when I read him.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that I will still be troubleshooting the Wi-Fi in my off-time tonight. Grumble, grumble, grumble…