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I made a couple timely, writerly decisions today. I don’t make decisions every day so I think it’s worth noting.

First, I have decided that I will not change the detective in my novel from Scandinavian to Native American. I just don’t have the time to research and do justice to that big of a change. I’m going with my initial interest and inclination…because having a Scandinavian detective makes me happy…and gets me closer to being done with this book!

Second, I will not be competing in the upcoming Flash Fiction Challenge put on by NYC Midnight. As appealing as the competition is, I am going to heed my professor’s words and put all my energy into getting my mystery done and out there. Though each round of the challenge is only 1000 words and lasts two days…it takes writing time and energy. And there’s only so much of that.

Time is of the essence and decisions have to be made. And so they have today.