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Tonight starts my first summer three-day weekend. Currently on a break. Before that, I had been sitting at my desk working, yes, but also debating if I should have a mindless, frivolous evening at the mall (Cinnabon, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret…all the good, girly spots) or go home and work on bills. Can you see the devil and angel standing on either shoulder? The former option would be immediately satisfying, while the latter would ease the stress which afflicts me at 3 a.m. and set me up for a better weekend. Dilemmas…

Regardless of who wins…angel or devil…I will be doing some writerly correspondence this evening, as well. I have a few emails to respond to and hellos to send. And I will get that chapter done, even if I’m drinking Nescafé into the wee hours of the morning. I want to start my three-day weekend in chapter seven. You see, once I get to chapter twelve I’m home free and this will (meaing, should) go a lot faster.

I’ll end with a quote which was sent to me all the way from Athens by my sister-in-law and which has comforted me over the past couple days when I was wishing I was independently wealthy and could just do writerly things all day (even though I really like my new job). She called it a timely message from the Universe and she was right!

A writer who does nothing but write is like the moon, which gives off some light, but borrowed from the sun. A writer needs first-hand experience, which only working in another field can give him. Otherwise he is rewriting what he has read in other books.

~ the writer-sandal maker of Athens