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Tonight is all about recuperating…for the sake of all endeavors.

I’m wiped out. It’s not really because of the ten-hour day…that went well, and pretty quickly…but a combination of having worked late yesterday and dealing with my arm. Yes, I overdid it Saturday. My whole body was sore for a couple days afterwards, so you can imagine how my arm, whose muscles had been flayed off the bone then stitched back together and are still trying to mend themselves back to the bone, feels. Not great. In fact, I’m typing this one-handed while I alternate heat and ice. It does feel like a bit of a setback, because I was doing so well, but trying not to let it get me down…which is also emotionally taxing.

I worked on that chapter again today, though it was hard to focus, and I started trying to figure out how the American Library Association conference works…it’s quite a big event!

But now I’m going to veg out to the Giro d’Italia (Italy’s version of the Tour de France), finish my hour of ice & heat, and rest the writer…mind and body…to fight another day.