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It’s been a long time since I took the kitties and myself outside into the backyard to write. It’s not the ideal backyard…noisy because we live on the corner of a main street…but there’s a lot of pretty green ivy everywhere and I bought a nice table and chairs to sit at for the very purpose of writing.

Today was beautiful…and windy. Once in a great while an evil wind blows through. You know it when it comes. But today it was just a lovely, windy spring day. It made it hard to concentrate though, and I spent a lot of time just looking up into the trees, feeling the sunlight and shadows move across me.

I had been temporarily stuck on one of the chapters in my novel revision. I’m pleased to report that this morning I got up and rather than grabbing my cell phone to scroll through Instagram photos, I grabbed my laptop and got through the chapter. The first five chapters are officially done…until an editor asks me to change them. And they have been the most emotionally challenging. The next section is not exactly smooth sailing yet…that comes around chapter twelve…but the storm is starting to break up…blown away by a spring wind, perhaps?