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Well, I did it. I agreed to be a guest lecturer one day for three periods of my friend’s summer enrichment class. The course is Literature and she’s teaching Detective Fiction…something I theoretically know something about. The students are all 11th graders. I’m incredibly honored, but if you could see the look of terror on my face right now…

But I had to say yes. In fact, as this blog slowly creeps towards the conclusion of its 365 day journey (less than four months to go!), I’ve been thinking about what I might do next. One idea I had was a sort of sequel, “Saying yes for 365…” It wouldn’t be a daily blog, but for one year I would commit to saying yes to whatever the Universe sent my way, and then I’d write about it. So, for example, if someone asked (as they recently did), “Will you come with us to Thailand in January?” I’d have to say yes.

I’m still debating the actual wisdom of this idea…and whether I’m truly brave enough for it. Which is partly why I had to say yes to my friend’s wonderful / frightening request…a sort of trial run of this idea.