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I just ventured over to Publishers Marketplace, but I couldn’t do it…not yet. It’s $25 a month to register and, it’s true, with registration comes all kinds of amazing information…like which authors just signed with which agents, what book deals go down each week, and which agents are looking for new writers…but until I’m able to go spend a great deal of time at the bookstore figuring out who all these players are, it doesn’t do me any good.

So, I thought tonight I would be reporting that I had finally signed up with Publishers Marketplace, but instead I’m reporting that I got cold feet. Actually, I don’t think of it that way. Twenty-five dollars is a lot of money to me right now…considering I haven’t even seen my first paycheck with my new job and won’t until the end of the month. When I make the plunge, I have to be ready to devote time to the research and be ready to act on that research. I think tonight I made a wise investment decision.