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I started composing an email in my head…an email to one of the authors whom I’ve been reading and whose work is inspiring me to work on my own book! Yes, I was in the library again at lunch time…in fact, I couldn’t wait to get in there. Even better, I enjoyed my time with my work and I felt my “voice” finally emerging in those early chapters with which I struggled so long.

Anyone who has followed this blog knows that anything or anyone that can get me to finish my book…since dearest friends, the love of my life, even agents haven’t had any success up to now…must be something special. I’ve known that I wanted to reach out to this author for some time now, just to network and make friends with a like-minded writer in my community, but now I’m even more motivated to do so. I want to thank her!

So tonight, I’m going to start putting the email in my head down on paper…well, laptop.