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I was just about to put away my laptop and go relax, when I realized, “Wait! I haven’t done my blog!” This rarely happens, but tonight it did. I’ve been so busy trying to find our Marriage Certificate (finally…after going through closets, dressers, and boxes) and fill out all the wonderful Benefits paperwork, for which I’m very grateful, but still find tedious.

I suppose the reason the writer in me was so relaxed was because I had already been very writerly today. I took my laptop to work, and at lunch time I took it and myself to the library where we diligently worked on the manuscript. During my breaks, I started rereading the debut book of another somewhat new mystery writer (she now has four books published) who I greatly admire, Gigi Pandian. I’m finding that all this reading really is helping my writing. You hear about it, but you never believe it…well, at least I didn’t. But by submersing myself in the works of writers whose characters, settings, and voices are similar to what I hope to create, I am finding it easier to create the same in my own work.

I’ve also been thinking about what my professor said yesterday at our writing group meeting in San Francisco. She said that she realized early on how little time there really is to get everything written, so whatever we’re working on in any given moment should be the most important piece of writing to us at that moment. For various reasons I’ve explored here and internally, I tend to avoid the most important piece of writing to me at this moment. Her words scared me into action. Especially when I start thinking about other life events. Two years ago today I graduated from my MA program…nine years ago next month I was married…nineteen years ago this coming August I moved to London for my first adventure. And it all feels like it happened just the other day. So when my professor says that time passes too quickly, I know she’s correct. And when she connects that truth to our writing, I get scared into action.