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Got up and got my first experimental recipe in the crockpot…orange-mustard pork chops with acorn squash. Cooking it today to get a sense of how long it really takes…since the recipes are never right. And there should be leftovers tomorrow. So maybe I won’t have to have a Superman Monday.

Then I read the first essay in The Right To Write and completed the first exercise. One of my favorite parts of the essay had to do with what happens to the young writers in us when we begin school:

Writing, as we are taught to do it, becomes an antihuman activity. We are forever editing, leaving out the details that might not be pertinent. We are trained to self-doubt, to self-scrutiny in the place of self-expression.

Maybe this was why the Universe decided I didn’t need any more schooling and nixed the Oxford idea. Though it doesn’t explain why I’m so in love with the place…

Now getting ready to head down to San Francisco to meet with my favorite salon of women writers. It’s been too long! I must update them on the Short Story Contest, so I think I’ll read them my horror story, as well as the critical input I received from the judges.