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Those who know me well know that in good times and bad, I find comfort and inspiration in a creative soul whom I consider a creative mentor…Julia Cameron. Many years ago I worked through her first book, The Artist’s Way. Since then I’ve bought a later book, Walking in this World. Unfortunately, I spend my time either trying to recapture the magic of the first book or trying to get through the later book, but without success. Today, I discovered what the problem has been. I skipped a book between the two!

Thus, I made my way to the closest library that had it available (trying to be financially responsible) and checked it out.


I’ve only read the Introduction thus far, but I can tell that it is the “just right” book of the moment, speaking to exactly what the writer in me needs now.

Our writing life, our life ‘as a writer,’ cannot be separated from our life as a whole. For this reason, many of the essays and especially the ‘tools’ in this book ‘about writing’ may, at first flush, seem to have nothing to do with writing – but they have everything to do with writing.

This is exactly what I’ve tried to express in so many blogposts and capture in various writerly tasks. This is what this leap of faith between jobs that finds me in mid-air is all about. This is what I mean by living the dream…the life.of being a writer.