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It’s official, the arm is healing well. I had my second follow-up visit with my Orthopedic Surgeon this afternoon. The many screws are still in place and he showed me how the break is filling in nicely. I can even lift 15 to 20 pounds now, which means I am back to lifting and cuddling my kitties.

This good news has, in turn, got me thinking about some new goals. I have not been physically active since even well before the broken arm. And I can feel the effects it’s taking on my health and energy. If I am truly starting out on a new adventure, a new chapter of my life, a new hope for the writer in me, then I need to take better care of my physical being, the vessel for all these dreams. Of course I say this after a big bowl of pasta, two glasses of wine, and some chocolate. But I am thinking about it…reflecting on what I really want for myself, what will make me feel like I’m living the life I should be…on the inside and out.

Speaking of the outside, here is what has been dubbed, the Tim Burton Scar…