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Reminding myself that it’s only week two in to my new job…it’s normal not to have a routine yet. Though I have determined the following already:

  • It is better to get to work early and sit in the café reading or writing, rather than fight traffic closer to eight o’clock. I suspect this will be even more critical when semesters start.
  • It is important to make the most of lunches and breaks. An hour is a long time, in which I can get a lot done…and if I used each break to work on my novel, I’d already have put in 20-30 minutes before I even get home! Of course, it’s hard to be super-productive all the time. Sometimes you need to just sit and stare at a tree and be okay with that.
  • We have to come up with better dinner plans. I used to get home at 5:10. Now I get home at 5:30. For whatever reason, that twenty minutes makes a world of difference. Probably because my job is still new so I’ve really been on the entire day. Therefore, when I turn off, I really turn off. The last thing I want to do is cook! But we can’t get takeout every night… Dilemmas.

All that said, I’m still energized and happy. These are early days…all too soon I suspect things will become routine and I won’t feel or see things like I do now. Best to enjoy these days which are focused on the new job which I waited so long for.

So, when I say today was more of the same, I mean that I did a little reading and wrote a few more thank you notes and, I’m pleased to say, finally got access to the college’s online library! Of course, once I logged on successfully I couldn’t find anything I was looking for… Perhaps a tutorial is in order. In other writerly news, I requested the next book which the Coven is reading from the public library. I always feel so civil and responsible when I use the public library…rather than rushing out to buy a book. And because I never return books on time, I also end up financially supporting the library, as well!

The weekdays may be focused on work but the upcoming weekends will include some worthwhile writerly events to report on…this Sunday I’m finally seeing my salon of writers in San Francisco, and the following weekend there’s a Redwood Writers Chapter meeting which I don’t want to miss. The topic is, “The Golden Age of Publishing”…and they’re suggesting that’s now!