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It seems Mondays are going to be busy…from morning to bedtime. That’s alright…trying to take it in stride, stay in the moment, slow down time…Superman-style.

So this will be a quick, rather unpoetic report of what I did today, before I tackle other Monday to-do’s.

I snuck in some reading of Death in a Strange Country…just ten minutes here and there…but it helped to transport me to another place and other dilemmas…which lessened the weight of my own. True, it’s the second week of my new job, and everyone is very nice, and I’m starting to get the hang of things…but it’s still nerve-wracking, stomach-churning, and a bit uncomfortable. Having part of my mind somewhere else…like in Venice solving a murder mystery…helps.

On my lunch hour I worked on more thank you cards…the fine, important art of correspondence…and found that historical society newsletter again in the library. This time I photographed the names and contact information for the officers, as well as an article about local folklore, which I was pleased to see mentions two very important elements of my own novel…the bandit, Black Bart, and the Sonoma State University special collections. I will be reading this article in full in bed tonight. Finally, I made my way to the information desk to find out how a staff member gets a library card…I have lots of research to do and am looking forward to getting to know the library and its staff very well! That process will be completed tomorrow.

Now, back to the Monday grind…Superman-style.


I’ve been nominated for another blog award. I’m really getting behind on these! I need a week long of rainy days to do them justice!