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Does being excited about life count as doing something writerly? I think it should…because an excitement for life translates into an excitement to be creative, see things in a new way, be engaged.

Yesterday, on my lunch break, I took time to explore the campus library a bit. I found myself in Periodicals on the third floor with a comfy chair and a window view.  I had chanced upon the most recent copy of Sonoma County’s Historical Society’s newsletter. It got me thinking about the wealth of information available to me now, and the new opportunities it will give to my writing. In fact, during the afternoon session of Orientation, as the presenter described a safety mishap in the theater, I had an aha moment. That screenplay of mine which I just came upon again is partially set in a theater and involves the staging of a production. And I now have a theater and people with theater knowledge at my fingertips! These are the little things that have been coming to me.

Likewise, during our evening of opera…fantastic singers, a stunning wine country setting, a charming barn with wine and appetizers…as I sat there soaking in the music and ambience and wine, I came up with part of the plot for the sequel to my first novel.

The excitement I felt yesterday upon waking has carried over into today, and I continue to feel my mind race with ideas and possibilities. I realize that there will be ups and downs with my new job, and I won’t always feel this way, but I do now. It’s why I changed jobs…why I made the leap…though I don’t attribute any of this good fortune to my doing. Right now I’m still mid-leap…still in the air…not sure where I’ll land. But I’m enjoying it…feeling exhilarated and looking around to see all sorts of things I couldn’t before.