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I feel enthusiastic about life today! Instead of a regular work day I have New Hire Orientation, which should be interesting and a change of pace. Also, this weekend promises to be gorgeous…and on Sunday the Junior College has its annual, “Day Under the Oaks” event, where all the different programs will host booths and activities. I think I will definitely go, especially to see the Native American displays and dancing. This is actually quite serendipitous because I had been considering changing the identity of the detective in my novel. Currently, he’s Scandinavian. Why, I’m not sure…I can only attribute it to the fact that I was watching a lot of Wallander at the time I was writing the first draft, and I’ve always wanted to be a Viking maiden myself. But given that this story is set locally and is about exploring the local history & culture through my mysteries…and that I’m now at the Junior College, where our local cultures are well-celebrated and documented…I thought it would be more appropriate if my detective were Pomo or Miwok, instead.

Meanwhile, tonight we get a little musical salve and creative play. We’ve been let in on a local secret…a couple who hosts informal operatic concerts in their barn! I dare not say more…but suffice to say it should be a lovely evening, in a beautiful setting, with music I love…Verdi! Here’s a snippet of the opera we’ll hear, sung by the incomparable Luciano Pavarotti. It brings back such fond memories of my Italian grandparents and of opera blasting from their living room when I’d visit them on the weekends.

Now…time to get dressed and grab a treat at the Bear’s Den…as the College’s café is charmingly named.