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It’s true that this week the majority of my energy is being directed toward getting familiar with my new job. I can tell by my blog stats that this does not make for scintillating reading for my followers…especially those folks interested in writerly topics. More importantly, I reminded myself today that this is just temporary. In fact, it is easy to get caught up in trying to prove yourself at a new job by taking on more work and staying late…but part of the reason I took this position is so that I would have a less stressful job in order to more fully pursue those writerly endeavors and be a writer.

I’ve been reminding myself of that by getting to work early so that I can stroll across campus slowly, letting the creative artist child in me snap photos of roses and ivy-covered brick. At lunch I do a little of the same, exploring new areas of the campus each day, sending random photos to friends, trying donuts & cappuccinos as the café, window-shopping in the bookstore. These little things keep the artist alive and well, even as she takes endless notes on legal pads and learns the office ropes.

I’m also pleased to report that this morning, as I was driving to work, I found myself considering my need for an agent…and how & when I will fill that need. Getting an agent is momentous, both in what it takes and what it represents. Perhaps I was prompted to think about it because I received Jane Friedman’s latest blogpost via email this morning…“How to Find a Literary Agent for Your Book.” I just finished reading it (a great resource, with lots of food for thought for all types of writers) and am feeling very writerly again.

Yes, I’m living a double life right now, but it’s all for the sake of that writer’s life.