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Now don’t laugh…I’ve been watching the Twilight movies, and am completely hooked. (I never could resist forbidden vampire love…) I started watching them because I was interested in how another author used a real town as her setting…something I’ve done with my novel. Yes, I probably should have actually read Stephenie Meyer’s books, rather than just watch the movie adaptations, but I was trying to save on time.

And I have another confession…I’ve been looking at screenplay contests. And I just reread the thirty pages of the only screenplay I ever attempted…again. You see, before I ever wrote a novel, I had decided that I would be a screenwriter…and I studied the art and the business…thinking I’d do adaptations. But while I love the collaborative spirit of filmmaking, I was put off by what it takes to get someone interested in your script…the Hollywood scene, the pitches, the cold competitiveness. I decided I wasn’t cut out for it. But rereading this screenplay, I feel compelled to at least finish it and see what happens. Maybe I won’t be flying to L.A. for the annual Pitchapalooza, but I could enter it into a contest or two.

Some would say that this is, once again, procrastination. I should be working on my novel. I know that…and I am excited to work on that too. And maybe this is procrastination…but it’s also genuine excitement about a writing project, and that feels really good.

So, anyone know anything about any good screenplay contests…?