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“Something worth doing is worth doing poorly…rather than never at all.”

A friend shared this adage with me today when we met for coffee…a get together that we almost didn’t think we’d manage given other commitments. I’m so glad we did manage it, though. Her encouragement and support, in both my job change and writing endeavors, were just what I needed to hear…though I didn’t know it…as my week of freedom draws to a close and my “new life” is upon me.

That “something” she was referring to was my writing and the action needed around it. We agreed that I have already started the action by taking the very large leap of changing jobs. She reminded me that it will be okay to “fumble, stumble” through the beginnings of my new job. And when I do get my bearings, I can begin to funnel my newfound energy and time into further action for my writing…whether it be poorly or brilliantly…but it will be done.