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It’s been a very writerly day…

I devoured the last sixty pages of Mariana by Susanna Kearsley. Now there’s a book I couldn’t put down…and the last five pages turned everything upside down and made me want to read it all over again! Such a talented writer. I should reread it just to better understand how she weaved such a tale and kept me hooked.

Later, I met “the coven” at The Tudor Rose for our book discussion. Over scones and tea and mimosas, we decided that our next book will be The Eight by Katherine Neville. It sounds enticing…especially as I have newfound love for chess, after having properly learned to play last year…

When two young women in France of 1790 discover the Montglane Chess Service in Montglane Abbey, they recognize its mystic ability to provide anyone playing it with unlimited power and desperately scatter its pieces around the world. But in 1972, computer expert Catherine “Cat” Velis is hired to recover the chess pieces–and is caught up in a nefarious, globe-spanning conspiracy.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the fine art of writing thank you cards to all the kind family and friends who sent good wishes and gifts my way over the past month, either because of my broken arm or my job change.

Finally, waiting to find out tonight how I did in the 2nd Round of the Short Story Challenge. Fingers crossed I get to advance to the final round this weekend. If not, it’s been great fun and already lasted longer than I expected!

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