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I just met a magician!

What did he do?

Serve me ice cream and discuss Beatle’s trivia with me.

We have a new ice cream parlor in town…Shuffle’s Magical Ice Cream Shoppe. As it’s name suggests, it is both an ice cream and magic shop. In fact, when I went in to explore, Ray…my new magician friend…was doing magic tricks for a little girl and her family, all of whom were holding ice cream cones. It really is a neat place, with a lovely ice cream counter and a separate magic counter with all sorts of magical accoutrements for sale, and in the back a stage for proper magic shows. If you’re in the area and know anyone…especially children…who have an affinity for magic & ice cream, I recommend it. Because after the family left, it was just me and Ray. While it was nice to have my new magical friend to myself, discussing British rock over a sundae (they make all their own ice cream as well and have interesting flavors…like blueberry and rose and moonshine pie!)…I became concerned that this wonderful idea of a place may not survive a world that doesn’t have time for magic…or know where to look.

I stopped at the magical ice cream shoppe because I was feeling very much the explorer today.  Earlier, I went to my new job to say hello and thank them for the kind card they sent. Then I explored the campus, popping in to see the new Student Union, revisiting the bookstore, and wandering the oak lined paths. I had nothing but happy feelings, even as I remembered being a student there twenty years ago! I say “even” because sometimes memories of the past…or nostalgia, in general…brings me down. Not because the past was sad, per se…but because it’s the past. And, as I suspect time-travel and out-of-body experiences must do, nostalgia leaves me feeling unsettled and not quite myself in the here and now. But I’m happy to report that being at the college, I felt very much myself…a writer on a magical journey.