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I don’t feel like doing much else today other than exploring blogs, reading articles on brainpickings.org, and watching Netflix original series. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I just finished the series, Marco Polo, based on the written account, The Travels of Marco Polo. I remember reading it in 5th grade. I thought it was magical and thrilling. In fact, seeing the series inspired me to find an online version of the book and dig out our huge atlas. I’m going to reread the account and track Polo’s travels on the atlas. This is what I love about the written word and historical texts & maps…how they allow us to explore…to walk in someone else’s shoes…to see with their eyes.

And now I’m going to pour a glass of champagne and have some cake. Because it’s just that kind of day.


I appreciated everyone’s thoughts on whether to finish or not to finish that book I’m mired in. I’ve decided not to finish, at least at this time. If I surprise myself by wondering about the characters or missing their world, then perhaps I’ll revisit it.