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When I started this blog seven months ago, I never thought it would bear witness to me quitting my job and making such drastic life changes. I knew I was on a journey……I alluded it would be long and full of surprises…I even indulged in metaphors about ships and high sea adventures…but I never knew how very literal it would become.

Today was my last day with the health system after seventeen years…and I’m considering this my writerly act of the day. Because as enticing as my new job is, if it wasn’t for this compulsion, this desire to be a writer, there might never have been a last day…I might have worked the 50 hours a week and weekends required to get everything done…stayed put and never dared to leap. But I have this compulsion, this desire…to follow my bliss, according to Joseph Campbell. A big part of that bliss is writing. And writing takes time and emotional energy and positivity and inspiration for the creative soul. Which is why I said good-bye to dear friends and a good career today.

As my husband says, I’m not about to embark on a journey…my ship has already set sail. As anyone who read the very first post knows, it set sail the day I started this blog, and perhaps today was the most writerly act we’ve seen on these high seas yet.