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Do you know where Deborah Harkness was today? Oxford. MY Oxford. Giving a reading at Blackwell’s book store on Broad Street. MY Blackwell’s. (Insert trendy unamused emoticon here.) I would have loved to have been there.


I was quite the writer au courant this morning. I spent some time reading and enjoying other folks’ blogs. Then I took some time to read an article on Joseph Campbell and “Finding Your Bliss…” featured on brainpickings.org last week, and available to you below. It reminded me of when I was first introduced to Joseph Campbell back in junior high and how awe-inspiring my young mind found that legendary interview with Bill Moyers. I know that it definitely influenced me and is part of the reason I find more comfort than fear in searching out and following my bliss. I think I’ll watch it again.


It’s a good thing I was a writer this morning because today I had my first physical therapy appointment. It went great, but my arm is a bit sore tonight…sore in new ways. So I’m going to grab the ice packs and my book and head to the couch!