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My desk at the hospital is now empty and clean…awaiting the new person who starts tomorrow. It is indeed the end of an era. I will stay on one last week to try and help with processes and transition as much as I can. Then it will be over. I can hardly believe it.

I tried to come up with my writerly tasks for the week but it was difficult, not knowing what my energy level will be at the end of each work day. Just the phrase, “work day,” sounds physically and emotionally foreign after these past three weeks. So I came up with a handful of things I would like to accomplish and I will play each day by ear. Not the ideal, but the best I could do under the circumstances.

It was a beautiful day, warm and full of sunshine. This morning I was able to take bites, albeit awkwardly, of pancakes with my right hand. This evening a friend hand-delivered a bag of baby artichokes and strawberries. All in all, counting my blessings.