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At least, I’m pretty sure it’s a first…

The first day I don’t feel like writing my blog. Once again I have things I could write about, but I just can’t seem to do so.

On Thursday I had a new lease on life and was energized…for writing…for everything. Yesterday, we had company and I lived the first “normal” day I’ve had in three long weeks…aside from the swelling, not being able to touch my face, and moving like molasses. Today I’m emotionally exhausted. It doesn’t help that I spent the morning and afternoon learning about carpet and how to order its installation and then working on the remodel budget. Not to mention that the glue and Steri-Strips that have replaced the staples are actually more uncomfortable…and thus, wearing. What I’m learning is that with an injury and recovery, your physical and emotional energy levels vary often and drastically…from morning to afternoon…from day to day.

Which also means that this blogging lethargy is temporary. Today I must accept the state of things and just be glad I showed up. Tomorrow, I will get back to my old ways. Well, I will at least realistically assess the coming week…a week in which I return to my job at the hospital to finish things up and say good-bye…and plot out doable writerly tasks to get me to this time next week.

At least I always have my faithful writing companion…regardless what I write about.