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I feel like a new person!

Today was a turning point. I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon. He was very happy with my progress and the state of my incision. The thirty-three staples were removed and Steri-Strips put on instead. I was released to drive and return to work! Lastly, I got to see what was done to fix my arm.

Here is a before and after…the left photo from the emergency room visit the night I broke my arm, and the right photo from my doctor’s appointment today…

IMG_8698   IMG_1560-4

I think both photos are rather impressive, myself. How a single humerus bone becomes three pieces is still beyond me (though the surgeon explained it today, quite well). And now my writerly arm is bionic…and on its way to being fully healed. Next is therapy and working on getting back all my strength and mobility.

Once my adorable Mini-Cooper and I were reunited, the first place it took me to was my favorite English tea house, The Tudor Rose. I had a strawberry mimosa…and chocolate tarts…and scones…and cookies…and an endless pot of tea. It was a feast fit to celebrate newfound freedom…and in line with that magical blog I’ve been dreaming about.

IMG_1567 IMG_1564

With this wonderful sense of renewal, I’m more than eager to return to my writerly endeavors. One that I have been remiss at is checking in with all my new (and now, not so new) followers. So I’m going to pour a glass of Prosecco and lose myself in YOUR blogs. I also haven’t forgotten, JD, about my Liebster Award. Looking forward to honoring that.