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I’m eager to learn of my placement in Round 2 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. That will be on April 22. I hope I at least place in the top five of my heat so that I can advance to the final round.

I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve enjoyed this contest…how it’s forced me to try new genres, revise less, work with deadlines, and just write more, period! In fact, I’ve been craving more of this. Sure, I could create self-imposed stipulations, but it’s funny how they never seem to work as well as what others impose on us. So I was pleased when today I came across another contest to enter, thanks to the Redwood Writers email group list. It’s the Golden Quill Awards (link below) and the theme is Transformation. I think I will opt for the short fiction category, rather than flash fiction.


And as my main pursuits these days as an invalid tend to be reading and writing, I wanted to share two things I encountered this morning.

First, from The Writers Circle, what I’ve found to be a very true graph depicting the writing process…


And second, a wonderful video exploring the question, “What is Literature for?” as featured on brainpickings.org. (If you receive this by email, please visit the actual blog to view the video.)