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I miss my novel. I miss typing with two hands. I miss being able to write with a pen or pencil once in awhile…ever! I over did it the last couple days with my broken arm…typing just a bit, signing my name to paperwork (with great effort!), oh, and trying to shave under the opposite arm (which made for orangutan contortions in a too small shower). I ended up with an even more swollen arm and throbbing elbow. It’s great I’m not in a cast, but it’s no easy thing recovering from a 12-inch incision, especially the part over the joint. So it’s back to behaving, which looks like this: arm in a sling, or raised on a pillow beside me, or just sitting beside me on the table like a log, minding its own business…like right now. I may be able to use my fingers, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I should. I’m not complaining…just missing. The spirit is willing…the arm, alas, not as much.

Today I had my first big outing in two weeks…dropped off my new hire paperwork at my new job, then lunched with my mom, who was also my chauffeur AND has been an amazing helper in this one-armed, remodeling, more than slightly stressful time for my husband and me. It was a good day for the willing spirit. It was nice to put a bra on and wear something other than sweats. It was great to feel the sunshine and see something other than my street and the guys working on the house. Then I came home, read a chapter in Mariana, and took a long nap, serenaded by the sound of the stucco guys chipping and sawing away at the house.

On another positive note, today I took time to read all the articles I had open on my iPhone…I accumulate these over passing days and then have to spend an afternoon or evening going through them all. Amongst them, I read a decent, if somewhat obvious, article on how to write a good query letter to an agent or editor, as well as an article that reinforced the first piece of good news I’ve read about the current state of the publishing world. I’ve pasted and cited it below.

Authors: Your Career Will Be a Long and Winding Road–and That’s OK

It’s 2015. Five major publishers currently exist, with a smattering of smaller ones scattered across the world–an unthinkable state of the industry to those in the know only twenty, even ten years ago. All things considered, what is the right path to publication these days?

Maybe a better question is, what is the right path to publication for you? Mystery author Harry Bingham, whose been at the business of publishing for the past fifteen years, gets even more specific in his essay on why authors walk away from good publishing deals. Hint: there’s no one path. After living through three eras of publishing, as Bingham refers to his experience, “the fourth era isn’t one where Indie Publishers Destroy The Evil Big 5 Oligopoly, or vice versa. This new era of publishing is one where authors have a meaningful choice. What that choice is will depend on the author, the territory, the genre, and multiple other issues which will vary across every different situation.” In other words, there’s more open road than ever for authors. And that’s a very, very good thing.

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The willing spirit is tired now. Good-night!