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Continuing yesterday’s theme…a love of books…today I watched two films based on books.

First…before removing the post-op dressings…I watched Sense and Sensibility, based on Jane Austen’s classic of the same name. I was struck by how restrictive the social conventions of the time were, how Austen subtly makes fun of them, and how she repeats certain themes in many of her books…such as the ruined woman, the cad who fools the heroine, and the repression of emotions. It made me grateful to be in a time when (for the most part) I can say and do as I please. It also made me wonder if Austen knew that she was repeating these themes, and what hidden themes may be lurking in my own writing?

Later…after removing the dressings to reveal twelve inches of 33 staples!…I watched The World According to Garp, based on John Irving’s book of the same name. I had never seen it before, and found it both fascinating and fantastical. The main characters are all involved in creative writing in one way or another…teaching it or writing it…and it certainly explores the power of books. I’m still deciding what I thought of the film, and don’t dare attempt to make clever correlations or comparisons between the treatment of women in the two films…but the story and Irving’s choices did make me think about the element of the fantastic in stories which are not fantasies or science fiction. It is not something I’ve explored much, and would like to.

I’ll end with two final writerly observations…1) my favorite films tend to be adaptations from stories or novels…and 2) typing these posts with just my left hand makes me officially dizzy.