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in fairness to me, I was on morphine when the doctor said the word…so what I thought was “convoluted” is actually “comminuted.” Thank goodness for my dear nurse friend who set me straight…no pun intended. A comminuted fracture is “a severe fracture involving breaking the bone into many small pieces”…which is essentially what I meant by convoluted. Maybe convoluted fractures are reserved for writers…? My nurse friend also thinks my fracture…convoluted or comminuted…will require surgery. I’ll know for sure come Tuesday.

Besides learning a new medical term, keeping up on my pain meds, practicing using my left hand, and almost getting trapped in the bathtub, I enjoyed all the visitors, chocolates and well-wishes that came my way. I am truly blessed. I thought about picking up a book or my manuscript today, but I’m not quite there…maybe tomorrow. I did lose myself in Georgian England for three hours as we watched the mini-series adaptation of the inestimable P.D. James’ novel, Death Comes to Pemberley. I think Jane Austen would have thoroughly enjoyed it.