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I love books. Buying books, stacking books, holding books…oh, and reading them too. One of my favorite things to do on a Friday night…right up there with Happy Hour margaritas, video games, and mindless action movies…is drinking a late cup of coffee and then staying up well past midnight lost in a good book. That is what I call getting back to basics, and what I’m about to do.

Getting back to basics is also getting back to novel and manuscript. I was caught up in it, working my plan, and then came the job offer and the thinking and new hire paperwork and the resignation letter. It has been a whirlwind week of thinking and decisions, but just as it is time to find comfort in my writerly tasks, it is also time to return to my manuscript. After all, that’s part of why I’m taking a new job…to devote more time and energy to my writing. When I next pick up my manuscript tomorrow morning, it’s going to be even heavier with the weight of future possibilities.