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Today there were lots of tears cried and lots of words written.

The tears came while trying to decide whether or not to quit my high-paying job of seventeen years for an entry-level position at a new institution. Yes, I’ve yearned for a new adventure, less stress, and a job in the academic world…all of which this would be…but the prospect is incredibly frightening and the decision fraught with emotions. That said, I have decided to accept the job offer. I have some contingencies I must give them and there is a chance they will be deal-breakers. There’s also a chance I will get everything I want. As I declared from the bottom of my heart to God and my husband one night, also through tears, “I want it all!” Of course, now that it looks like there’s a chance I might get that, I become hesitant. I need to recapture my sense of adventure. And as my wise husband says, I don’t really have to make a decision. It’s not really in my hands. I just have to keep taking the steps forward and trust that where I end up is where I’m supposed to be, even if, in the end, that’s still my current job!

The words came as I finished my horror story for Round 2 of the Short Story Challenge. Horror is not a genre I spend much time in, creating or otherwise…though Edgar Allan Poe is a favorite of mine. With my story, I went for Dolores Claiborne horror, rather than Freddy Krueger horror, and it was, indeed, a challenge. Once again, I’m afraid it might be disqualified. But the story’s done and submitted, and the experience has been enjoyable, even if that’s the end of it.