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It’s fitting that this post should come almost six months to the day since I started this blog. This writer is halfway ’round the sun! And it’s a good time to reassess.

I mentioned last week and again this weekend that I feel my blog has gone a bit off course. Since we still have another half year to go, that needs to be corrected. But what do I mean by that, exactly…? In the beginning I was very ambitious and energetic. I wrote long, thoughtful posts. I went to readings, joined clubs, hosted writing group meetings. It’s true that, meanwhile, my actual writing time suffered, but these writerly endeavors and daily tasks were equally important to me, and equally important in developing me into the writer I want to be. Now, I’m writing and working on my novel…and I’m finding that I’m doing less of the other writerly tasks. I certainly don’t want to lose this newfound interest and momentum in my novel, but I also don’t want to neglect all those other wonderful things I started doing and that made me feel like a well-rounded writer. What I need is balance.

One thing I miss, and I think would help steer this blog back on course, is taking the time every Sunday to plot out what writerly tasks I will do over the week…to spread out the map and chart my course for the week. I would take into consideration which days were going to be particularly busy…which days I had time to be more spontaneous…which days to save for big endeavors. So, though tonight’s not Sunday, I’m spreading the map out upon the table and charting my writerly tasks for the rest of the week.