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Last week I posted about how how I showed up a week early for my writing group meeting in San Francisco…I said I was earning my dedication patches. Well, yesterday the actual meeting occurred. I knew that I would be unable to make it as I’d been told mid-week I would be receiving the honor of being a Godmother at a baptism. However, this time I completely forgot to let the group know! As far as they were concerned, I was simply MIA. I texted my professor at 5 p.m. when I finally realized my new error, admitting it must seem to them I’ve lost my mind…first showing up on the wrong day, then not showing up OR contacting them at all! I might very well be losing my mind (or at least my organization abilities), but she kindly responded that, “It’s all material.”

While I’m glad they haven’t written me off…and can see the writerly bonuses of my disorganization, it is important to me to remain connected to this salon of women writers and let them know how much I value the writerly community they offer me. I have taken their guidance to heart and am also anxious to share with them what I’ve done to honor that support…such as my ten-step plan to get my novel done and out to the world. So tonight I will take some time to send them a detailed email update. Perhaps, this is a blessing in disguise, as it will force me to evaluate where I’m at in that plan and see how I can revamp it. As I read through my manuscript…which has accompanied me to work today and is sitting on the corner of my desk…I have thought of some improvements that can be made to that plan, both to speed it along and to insure I write the best book that time (and a realistic deadline) will allow.

In the spirit of the fight for publication, I think I will also take some time tonight to read the following blog post from Jane Friedman on why authors are walking away from the coveted big five publishing companies and deliberately seeking out alternatives. I can only hope this is a dilemma I will soon face!