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The weekend has been spontaneous and indulgent and full of lovely moments. It’s also been chaotic and irresponsible. I missed an important commitment and I haven’t given attention to tasks that are in serious need of attention. Thus, my week promises to be intense and busy. Worth it…? Let us hope.

When it comes to matters of writing, as I alluded to last week (and had planned to give attention to this weekend), I feel this blog has drifted off course. I’d like to address that…be more organized, deliberate, and varied in my writerly tasks. But, once again, more on that later.

At least today, after a family function and much needed nap, I sat down and read a book for awhile…something I haven’t done for a couple weeks, even though I had started a new novel. There’s something about being lost in another writer’s world and imagination that always inspires me to return to my own imaginings. A perfect example of writers helping writers. I also committed to a friend to read another book with her, this one non-fiction and on murder…getting me back to being stepped in all things murder. The book is Lucy Worsley’s The Art of English Murder...perhaps I’ll inspire the first book review to be features on this blog.

For now, I’ll end with a song that has been playing in my head all weekend…Ed Harcourt’s “The Way That I Live.” This video features a skyline. It’s not San Francisco, but fitting after the weekend and views I just had.