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Tonight my thanks go to JD, author of The Happy Typewriter blog…and those thanks are two-fold.

First, I thank JD for nominating me for the Liebster blogging award. It’s an award created by bloggers, for bloggers…especially those who are still new to the blogging community or just diamonds in the rough, yet to be discovered. I’m honored by the nomination, which has given me a further peek into the mind of the lovely person and writer that is JD, and invited me to reveal more of myself. I whole-heartedly accept the nomination and will honor it soon, after some careful thought.

Second, I thank JD for keeping me on track today. Receiving this nomination, thinking about it, and writing about it now are the only real writerly things I’ve had the opportunity to do today. Yes, I did work on the manuscript a bit this morning…but I didn’t even make it through a single chapter. Today, like many days, this community of bloggers has held me accountable to my dream when I might otherwise have just wallowed in the trappings of uncreative grown-up life, with grown-up responsibilities and jobs and expectations.

And on that note, I’ll end with with this…