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Today I applaud my dedication to writing, if not my good organizational skills. I turned down family plans and drove to San Francisco to meet with the salon of writers, only to discover I had arrived one week early! In fairness to myself, we did first discuss meeting on March 1st, but only when I was standing outside my professor’s door ringing the doorbell did I suddenly recall that we’d actually agreed on March 8th. Unfortunately, a quick glance in my planner showed that I’d made note of neither meeting. Still, I consider the trip a success, since I went with my laptop, revision plan, and printed manuscript in arms, ready to talk about my book and progress.

Before, on my way down to the City (as we locals call SF), I spent an hour at Book Passage bookstore in Corte Madera drinking a spicy soy chai while reading through that same manuscript, continuing to make notes and revisions. I took time to wander the Mystery section of the bookstore and envy a woman with a backpack covered in patches for faraway places…Iran, Egypt, Mt. Whitney, Italy, Russia. And before that I ate a picnic lunch at Loch Lomond Marina, watching the sunlight sparkle across the water and gazing lovingly at a rundown sailboat named Mara that I dream of owning though I don’t know the first thing about sailing.

Though, as it turned out, I did’t actually need to go to any of these places today…I could have stayed home and never left the house, in fact…I’m glad I did. Going where you’re supposed to when you’re supposed to is admirable. But going when you’re not supposed to…well, maybe that’s what earns you the patches.