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When I lived in London I didn’t drink tea at all. Almost twenty years later and I’m consuming endless pots!

When I returned from England, my boyfriend at the time coaxed me into trying fruit-flavored teas. I enjoyed them…never with sugar…and eventually graduated to green teas. But only recently have I come to appreciate black teas, and especially with a splash of milk.

It is officially still my birthday month, which I share with m sister-in-law. Today we met at our local English tearoom for a decadent afternoon tea of savory pies, slices of quiche, cream puffs, and more…in fact, it ended up serving as dinner as well. The lovely owner has an assortment of hats hanging on the walls and welcomes patrons to wear them during their High Tea experience. The artistic children in the two of us couldn’t resist…

 Me in a hat

And while wearing our hats, sipping our endless pots of tea, and piling the jam & cream on our scones, we had the pleasure of commiserating over our respective creative projects…me my novel, and she her screenplay adaptation. I’ve always been fortunate to be counted amongst a family of creative souls…painters, gardeners, quilters, bakers. Now I’m grateful to share a love of writing (and reading!) with my sister-in-law…and especially thrilled that we can meet and talk about our endeavors over tea.