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Step one continues.

Step one might take some time…

But step one is gaining momentum and already producing good results.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to starting a new book tonight (reading, that is…not writing). A “for fun” book…The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker. It seems like forever since I’ve read a “for fun” book. I had planned to start it last night, but ended up slumped in the armchair, mouth agape, snoring away, and it barely 9 o’clock. Not tonight, I vow! I just made my first ever almond milk latte. And it will be extra strong because I didn’t pull the first shot well…forcing me to pull a double shot to pour on top of it. Sleep may not come for some time. So, bring on the real magic!

…which reminds me of all that’s good in life…which reminds me of a quote a friend sent my way this week that makes me smile…